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We are bespoke manufacturers, delivering products to uniquely answer our customers' needs


Release liners have a wide range of applications across a broad and varied market base. This can range from high-tech solutions for the medical sector through to more simple backing liners for POS graphics. Our market-focus approach means we can deliver specific and bespoke solutions to meet the relevant demands of each individual application across all stages of the supply chain. 


We hold prominent supply positions in the Medical, PS Tapes, Labels, Industrial and Building sectors, and a developing presence in the Personal Care and Graphics markets.

Product Range

Almost everything we do at Advanced Coated Products is bespoke, designed with our customers to provide the optimum set of properties and economics. We process PET, APET, PE (LDPE to HDPE), PS, PVC, PVOH, pure cellulose / cellulosic derivatives and laminates (polymeric, metallised and non-woven).  We also have an expanding supply input for sustainable alternatives. We can coat and finish a very wide range of substrates from 12µ to 250µ+ in thickness. We coat, tint-coat, print, lacquer and slit, supplying widths ranging from 19mm to 1,600mm.

Our complete offering includes a range of printing, coating and converting options for filmic release liners:  1- or 2-sided standard and modified release combinations, lacquer options (matt, printable etc), coloured silicones, solid and pattern printing and stripe coating.


We want to shout about our

commitment to the environment


Advanced Coated Products uses UV curing technology for its 100% solids, free radical or cationic chemistry coatings. 

This means the cure is instant in a Nitrogen-flushed environment and the heating ovens of more conventional thermal curing alternatives are not required.


This, combined with our growing competence in sustainable substrate options (eg RPET, BoPP and PE with PIR/PCR content, cellulosic materials and PVOH) provides us with an excellent springboard for continuous improvement towards the environment and the community.  A formal programme to minimise the environmental impact of our business is continually aiming to exceed the requirements of the relevant legislation and increasingly stringent demands of our customers.  Our programme covers every aspect of new product development, manufacturing and disposal.


Please contact us about our extensive sustainable options, delivering the same performance with a lower carbon footprint.

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