We are very pleased to be able to announce that all our vegetable parchments have been certified by Vinçotte and have been granted the license to use the internationally recognised labels OK compost and OK compost home.

So what is compostable?

To be classed as compostable a product must biologically break down and leave no visually distinguishable or toxic residues There are 4 requirements: Absence of hazardous substances e.g. heavy metals > Chemical Purity (1) “Complete” (>90%) Disintegration (2) in a biological waste treatment process > must be Biodegradable (3) Compost quality (4): no negative effect on the quality of the resulting compost (plant growth rate)

The labels can be used on final packaging or on a website to be able to communicate to your customers these important environmental accreditations.

If you would like to utilise this label please be aware there is an initial filing fee plus a yearly cost, which then gives you unlimited usage. If you are interested in finding out more then please contact us directly for more detailed information.



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