Advanced Coated Products
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Covering Films

Release liners for covering films used for books/documents are generally PE coated krafts and lightweight claycoated krafts. We have a broad range of paper and filmic release liners, so whether for books or maps or even surface protection, we can help you to develop the right covering film for the job.

  • Printed – for promotion and function
  • Sheets or reels – suiting the application, less waste

To find out more about the range of release liners we manufacture for covering films please contact us with your specific enquiry  contact us page

Base Material Nominal Thickness

Silcone Coatings

Paper Liners gsm One Side Two Side Two Side Differential
1 side PE coated Kraft 43 - 140 ACP Tapes    
2 side PE coated Kraft 90 - 180 ACP Tapes ACP Tapes ACP Tapes
Clay Coated Kraft 50 - 250 ACP Tapes    
2 side Clay Coated Kraft 90 - 250 ACP Tapes ACP Tapes ACP Tapes
SC Kraft (Glassine) 50 - 140 ACP Tapes ACP Tapes ACP Tapes