Advanced Coated Products

Our History

The company was started in 1942 by an ex RAF pilot in Cheltenham called Leonard Stace, who developed rubber coated cloth to make self seal & bullet proof linings for aircraft fuel tanks, and supplied them to the government during the war.

The business moved to its current location in The Vineyards in 1952 around the time silicones were being introduced for release purposes and Mr Stace started making coated vegetable parchments for bakery tray liners

In the early 1960’s release coated silicones were being developed for use against pressure sensitive adhesives and Mr Stace started making release coated papers suitable for producing self adhesive laminates such as Fablon (sticky back plastic, loved by the BBC’s Blue Peter programme)

Since then the company has continually evolved, and is now dedicated to developing and manufacturing highly specialised filmic release liners: for the medical, tapes, labels, personal hygiene and industrial sectors.

Advanced Coated Products
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Our complete product customisation includes a range of printing, coating and converting options

  • Filmic release liners
  • Contract coating
  • Coloured silicones
  • Block and void prints
  • Stripe coatings
  • UV cured solvent free silicones
  • Non silicone coatings

Tailor made product combinations

  • Very easy, easy & variety of modified release combinations on all filmic substrates 
  • All over print wash appearance of coloured films
  • Tinted silicones for batch identification and adding product differentiation to laminates
  • Brand identification printing
  • Block siliconising & printing


At Advanced Coated Products we recognise that individual customers within each market have very different needs. Our philosophy is to work in close co-operation with our customers to provide tailored solutions meeting the specific demands of their organisation.

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified organisation, with the customer certainty that this delivers.  Complete product traceability delivers compliance, while continuously monitored service levels focus our efforts towards our aim of Customer Delight, which is verified through our annual customer satisfaction survey.

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Advanced Coated Products is aware of its responsibilities as a manufacturing company towards the environment and the community.  A formal programme to minimise the environmental impact of the operation is continually aiming to exceed the requirements of the relevant legislation.

This strictly monitored programme covers every aspect of manufacturing, disposal and new product development.

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